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The use of acid dyes is a process that has been around for centuries. They are used to dye fabric and other materials with bright, vivid colors. Acid dyes are a type of direct dye that is made with an acid solution, which is why they are called acid dyes.

Acid dye can be easily applied on a variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, nylon, polyester and rayon. We are renowned & most trusted in acid dyes as well as liquid acid dyes suppliers and exporters in India with 100% surety of purity.

The acid dyes are a more eco-friendly option because they are made from natural ingredients with no harmful side effects. There are a type of dye that is created by the reaction of an acid with a metal. This process can be used to create a wide variety of colors and shades.

The most common acid used to make these dyes is nitric acid or sulfuric acid. The color of the dye will depend on the type of metal salt it is mixed with. The different metal salts produce different colors when mixed with an acidic solution like nitric or sulfuric acids. For example, ferrous sulfate produces dark green and cobalt chloride produces blue. Acid dyes are used in many industries including the textile industry, cosmetics industry and food industry.

Molecularly split acid dyes.

Aggregated split acid dyes.


Acid dyes are chemical substances that react with the fiber to produce a color. Acid dyes can be applied to natural fibers, such as wool, silk, and cotton. They are also used in some dyeing processes for synthetic fibers.

The most common use of acid dyes is for coloring textiles and other materials including paper, leather, and metal.

Acid dyes are usually dissolved in water or other solvents before they are used in dyeing. The process of dyeing with acid dyes is called "acid-dyeing".

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