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Basic Dyes Manufacturers in India

We are a BASIC DYES Manufacturer in India, and we have been in the industry for over 20 years.

The term BASIC DYES is derived from the chemical names of the compounds which are used for dyeing. These are called ‘basic dyes’ because they can be made by reacting a metal compound with an acid.

The Basic Dyes are also known as the Colouring Agents. Basic Dyes are the most important part of any textile industry. These dyes are used to get a variety of colours. These dyes are also used in the printing industries, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Colorants Group Pvt Ltd is a leading Basic Dyes Manufacturers in India. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we take pride in our products. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure safety and quality.

We have expertise in every aspect from the raw materials we use to the production process, our team has been doing this for years and we're experts in everything from formulation to packaging.

We offer a wide variety of colours, so you can find the perfect hue for your needs. Our quality is unmatched and our prices are unbeatable. You can trust that you're getting the best for your money.

Usage of Basic Dyes

1. Non-Textile Usage

Whilst the major usage of Basic dyes is on acrylic fibres, large weight of some of the older dyes are still produced for wide variety of non textiles usage some of which are followings

Coloration of Paper :- The paper industry uses large weights of the basic dyes mainly for dyeing papers made from unbleached and mechanical pulps and when light fastness is of the little consequence. High lining content pulps have high substantively for basic dyes, although this reduced on bleaching. The solubility of basic dyes is not great, and solution problems are minimized by many dyes being available in liquid form.

Pigments :- These are produced by co-precipitation with inorganic acid of high molecular weight.

Solvent Dyes :- The free bases are used as solvent dyes.

The main reason why people choose Colorants Group for basic dyes is because they can produce a wide range of colors. The process of dyeing with colorants is also very easy to do.

We also manufactures Acid Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Direct Dyes, and Aluminium Dyes for the textile industry. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of these products in Worlwide.

Liquid Basic Dyes

Liquid basic dyes mainly used in papers, leathers, silkindustries. We have been operating since 2001 with assurance of purity, safety and quality.

Basic Yellow

Basic Orange

Basic Violet

Basic Blue

Basic Brown

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