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Pigment Emulsion

Pigment Emulsion

pigment emulsion manufacturers

Pigment emulsion used for rubber article, decorative paint colours, soap, detergent, powder, textile printing, water based inks, dyeing and many specialized equipment. It is uniform emulsion of Organic & Inorganic pigments. Its preparation of the printing paste and stirred into textile blinder both are simple easy and very well flow property. After using this excellent dispersion pigment we can also see its advantages such as below:

01. Brilliant painting

02. Variety of shades

03. Soft hand printing

04. Easy and fast washing

05. Wide range stability

06. Brightness as well as Attractive

07. Easy and fast rubbing

08. No side effects

09. Brilliant shades on fabric

10. High purity of tone etc

We have achieved well reputation in pigment emulsion quality with multi options in organic & inorganic pigments. We have a large number of technical trained operators, who always want to present new and satisfactory product for our customers and all these experiments do in laboratory. We pack our products in specified packaging (private labelling, plastic drums etc) & also special packaging.

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