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Solvent Dyes Manufacturers in India

Colorants Group Manufacture and Supplier of a Wide Range of Solvent Dyes

We're a leading manufacturer & Exporters of solvent dyes in India, with a range of products that are manufactured and certified to meet international standards. We're a one-stop solution for all your dyeing needs.

Colorants Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of SOLVENT DYES such as Metal Complex Solvent Dyes, Polymer Soluble Solvent Dyes, Oil Soluble Solvent Dyes, and Liquid Solvent Dyes. We also offer customized color solutions to meet your specific needs. With our expertise in the industry, we have become the trusted supplier to our customers.

What are Solvent Dyes?

Solvent Dyes are organic compounds that are soluble in organic solvents but not in water. They are used as dyestuffs and intermediates in the manufacturing of other organic dyes. They are used to dye various coating and printing applications.

Classification of Solvent Dyes
  • * Metal Complex Dyes
  • * Oil Soluble Dyes
  • * Polymer Soluble Dyes


Easily dissolve in an organic solvent. They stay insoluble in water.

The molecules of the solvent dyes are acknowledged to be non-polar or polar to a minimum extent. Therefore, they do not go through the process of ionization.

Solvent dyes showcase suitable mild fastness assets, implying that the received color fades very slowly. No residues are acquired at the end of the production process. They convey properly first-rate and consistency of color to exclusive products whilst used with natural solvents. It has a fantastic thermal resistance that lets it offer resistance against corrosion.


  1. Used in Wax, candles, and cosmetics.
  2. It is widely used in Wood stains and varnishes in the wood industry.
  3. Used in Ink, ballpoint pens, and printers.
  4. Also used in Acrylic resins.
  5. Solvent Dyes are used in the plastic industry to impart color to various materials, including nylon acrylics, PMMA, styrene, and PETP.

Colorants Group is a certified manufacturer and supplier of solvent dyes that are perfect for any application. We provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices, all while maintaining our reputation as one of the best companies in this field. We offer fast and reliable delivery worldwide, so you can get the product you need when you need it.

We also manufactures Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Basic Dyes, and Aluminium Dyes for the textile industry. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of these products in Worlwide.

Liquid Solvent Dyes

We manufacture Liquid Solvent dyes HF based. It has good solubility in Aromatic Solvents, Oils, Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline, Greases, Lubricants, and Fuels. Liquid solvent dyes from huge range set yellow 107 to 124, orange 98, red 19 to 164, Blue 79 to 98, violet 44 and green 33.

Our Petroleum Dyes when blended with fuels and petroleum products do not change the performance of fuels and petroleum products, as these dyes are only used for coloration and for identification. The addition of the our products only bring about the change in colour while keeping rest of the fuel’s qualities unaltered.

Features of Liquid Solvent Dyes

Free from impurities

Unaffected by light, tropical temperatures and hydrolysis

Free from objectionable odour

Solvent Violet

Solvent Green

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