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Polymer Soluble Dyes Manufacturers in India

Polymer Soluble Dyes

Colorants Chem Pvt Ltd is the manufacturers of polymer soluble dyes & also suppliers from last two decades. Polymer soluble solvent dyes have good dispersion & cover a diverse range of colors as mentioned below. Polymer dyes are available in Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Green & Blacks with surety of purity from last two decades. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Polymer soluble solvent dyes for plastics industries in India & Overseas. Our key advantages are:

Features of Polymer Dyes

Consist in the quality.

Good Heat Stability and Light Fastness.

High Resistance to Migration.

Metal Content far below prescribed limits of EN 71/3 and AP 89, hence facilitating use of all our products for PET applications.

Dyes dissolve completely in the plastics; melt at the respective processing temperature of the thermoplastics. This means – higher color yield and no shade variations.

Applications of Polymer Solvent Dyes

Master batches in different colors.



Engineering Plastics like ABS

PET, PVC and Nylon etc

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