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Pond & Lake Colorants

Pond & Lake Colorants

pond lake dye manufacturers

Pond and lake colorants are blended formulations of watersoluble dyes and inert ingredients. They are designed colour for use in lakes&ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodies of water with limited outflow. Lake and pond colours beautify murky, cloudy or discoloured water with pleasing and natural tints. We have authorization and certification for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pond and lake colorants in Gujarat, India to whole globe with industrial features and surety of purity. We offer in flexible price to overseas as per the international specifications.

Blue gives a pleasing, natural aqua-blue tint to lakes and ponds. Similarly, Black gives water a glassy, mirrored appearance. Both products are safe to be used around humans and wildlife when applied as directed. Our Pond & Lake colours are 100% Eco friendly.

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