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Technical Data Sheet

Aluminium Red 3DLN is a bright red dye, available in powder form, having fast striking on aluminum, which is distinguished by outstanding fastness to light, weather and heat. This dye can be used for thinner coating to get the desired shade. Due to high concentration of dye the consumption is much lower cost of red anodizing of aluminum. It assures uniform level dyeing on anodized aluminum and gives good fastness.

Chemical Properties
Physical Form Dry Powder
Appearance Dark Red Powder
Chemical Class azo dye
Solubility > 70 g/l @ 60 C0
Light Fatness Excellent
Heat Fastness Excellent
Anodizing Recommendation
Coating Thickness 10-25 microns
Concentration 8-10 grams/l
Temperatures 55 – 60 C
pH 5.5 +- 0.5
Buffer The bath must be buffered with
8 g/l sodium acetate tri hydrate
0.4 ml/l acetic acid for pH 5.5
Time 5-10 Minutes
Water Quality Preferably de-ionized. Dyeing is also possible in tap water, but this can reduce the service life of dye bath
Sealing Methods Hot sealing is preferred
Disposal of spent dye bath Spent dye bath must be disposed of as per local law.
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